The Redemption of Thomas Gordon – Part V

Thomas had reached the very pinnacle of the West City Bridge .  His tears seemed to freeze before they had barely rolled out of his tear ducts.  It must be a wind chill factor of less than zero, Thomas thought.  He had climbed to the top of a rail about six feet from the outer walkway for pedestrians.  There was no one on this bridge but him tonight.  Thomas looked down into the frozen ice floes below.  Jumping from this distance into that frozen water would be instant death.  Thomas had been a failure at everything that life has to offer.  From romance, to marriage to education and to family, all his endeavors had ended in complete, utter failure.  Maybe leaving this earth will be the one good act he could bestow upon all those who loved and cared about him, Thomas pondered as he continued to look at the ice below. All my life, I’ve only cared about my wants, my needs and whatever suited my fancy, Thomas berated himself.  “I never thought of others!,” he cried out into the ice covered bridge. So to mask his failures, Thomas dived into the drug culture of Las Vegas, his hometown.  That provided him with a ticket to prison in Nevada.  But, even drugs got to the point it didn’t help his mood, his outlook on life in general.  Thomas stepped closer to letting go and just ending this miserable, sorry ass life he had been brought into without his consent.  Enough of this punishing myself, Thomas decided.  It’s time to meet my destiny and to see what the next world, if any, has to offer.  As he leaned forward to let go in the darkness of the West City Bridge, the white Pigeon, with the blood spatter on it’s wing appeared miraculously before him…and sat on a steel girder watching him.

Thomas just stopped.  He pulled back from the abyss due to the white pigeon making its presence known.  “What are you doing here, my little friend?” asked Thomas.  Thomas just stood there looking at the pigeon, watching it as it cocked its head looking straight at him.  As suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared just as quickly.  “Sir, please come down.  We can work this out.  Your friend would not want you to do this.  You can blame me, you can hate me and I won’t say a word.  I accept the blame,” said the voice from below.  Thomas looked down to see who it was.  It was the cop who sped past both he and Jack when they needed him.  “Get away from me!  At least, let me die in peace.  This world has brought me nothing but heartache, grief and disgust.  Maybe this world would be better off without me,” yelled Thomas.  The cop down below was in tears now.  “I’ve already got the weight of your little friend’s death on me.  I deserve that.  That is the cross I will bear for the rest of my life.  But, don’t put your death on me too.  Please, don’t do that to me.  Please, please….” said the cop.  He was sobbing now to the point of where he lost his balance and fell down on the icy bridge.  For the first time in a long time, Thomas felt remorse and compassion on someone he did not know.  For the first time in a long time, Thomas thought of how his actions could affect someone other than himself.  Thomas felt a need to help his fellow man.  Thomas began coming down from his lofty perch on the bridge.  Thomas reached down to the grief-stricken police officer…and hugged him.  “Can you forgive me?” asked the officer.  Thomas looked upon him with something he had not felt in many years.  Sympathy.  Sympathy for someone other than himself. 

Both men continued to embrace each other on the ice swept bridge as the sleet began to fall in earnest now.  Both men sobbed as Thomas said, “There’s nothing to forgive, my friend.  Do not blame yourself for Jack’s death.  If anyone, it is my fault”, said Thomas.  Both men broke their embrace.  Thomas said, “I have to go now.  It’s time for me to go home to my family. It’s time for me to  be with my brother.”  The cop watched Thomas carefully walk away from him and into that cold, bitter night.  The redemption of Thomas Gordon had begun.

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