Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part II

One Sunday morning, after church, the conversation drifted from talk of the “Depression” as few back then referred to it as anything but “Great,” to the McDowell family.  The previous night, someone had stolen all of Lester Green’s pigs.  Lester and everyone else knew who took them.  Lester and his brother were going to go on a suicide mission and shoot as many McDowells as they could.  But, cooler heads prevailed and  men talked them into waiting.  The time for waiting was over.  Something had to be done now, as Jacob Dinkins drove home that point repeatedly.  “There’s no point in trying to reason with thieves.  We know the McDowells did this,” said Jacob. “The man who is causing all this trouble is the head man of that God-forsaken family, James McDowell himself and you men know it!” said Jacob.  “Damn right, cut off the head and the body will follow” said another man in the group.  “Get rid of him and that family will fall apart.  We can pretty much forget our worthless sheriff doing anything.  We gonna have to do this ourselves.  None of us want to wind up like Robert Compton and others in the past.  But, times are hard enough without a family of thieves stealing what little we have left.  The time for action is now!” said Jacob Dinkins. But, how to deal with the McDowells is another matter.  Taking out James McDowell is one thing.  But, dealing with the aftermath (retaliation) will be quite another.  James McDowell’s death had to appear to be an accident.  Making it believable to the McDowell clan is something that will be difficult, if not impossible.  Jacob Dinkins believed he had an idea of just how to do that.

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