He Was Just A Soldier – Part V

Mike started following the buxom brunette back to her old Jeep Liberty when warning bells went off in his head.  Something wasn’t right.  His instincts saved him many times in his life.  He looked around to see if he was walking into some sort of ambush.  That was another instinct that saved him many timesContinue reading “He Was Just A Soldier – Part V”

He Was Just A Soldier – Part IV

After his interview, Mike Barnett was escorted out of the newsroom as quickly as possible.  It seemed the show’s producer wanted him out of the newsroom to keep Gerald from having a coronary.  Mike thought the interview wasn’t as bad as Gerald was making it out to be as he could hear him yelling aboutContinue reading “He Was Just A Soldier – Part IV”

He Was Just A Soldier – Part III

“Mike, why did you spend two tours each in both Iraq and Afghanistan?  Isn’t that unusual?” asked Gerald, the plastic host.  Mike just looked at him in amazement. What the hell kind of question is that? This is already getting off to a bad start, Mike sighed.  “Well…I might could answer that question as sayingContinue reading “He Was Just A Soldier – Part III”

He Was Just A Soldier – Part II

Maybe the ex-wife was right…he should avail himself of the psychological testing and treatments at the VA facility.  Mike is not assimilating into civilian life very well.  In fact, if he didn’t get help soon, he may find himself spending some time in county lockup.  One night there, after a bar fight two weeks back,Continue reading “He Was Just A Soldier – Part II”

He Was Just A Soldier – Part I

Mike Barnett took one last drag on his cigarette before trying to flick it into the trash receptacle nearby.  Missing it by at least a foot, Mike just nonchalantly continued looking out at the bikini-clad goddesses strutting their stuff on the beach.  This is one thing, maybe the only thing, Mike never grew tired ofContinue reading “He Was Just A Soldier – Part I”