The 1932 Twister In McComb

Back in 1980, I was a claims adjuster for a major insurance company. My job took me all over the southeast. Thusly, I was on the road quite often. Of course, being on the road so much, I eventually had problems. One such problem occurred on my way to a home in a little place called McComb, Mississippi.Continue reading “The 1932 Twister In McComb”

Saturdays with Grandpa

There’s just something about the last day of the week that has always been special to me.  As an adult, it meant the first day of two days off from work.  It meant golf, doing household chores and family outings such as having friends over for grilling out.  But, as a child, it had an even more special meaning to me.Continue reading “Saturdays with Grandpa”

Woolmarket: The Final Chapter

I hope you have enjoyed the Woolmarket series. What the Woolmarket series entailed was the time we lived in a place called Woolmarket, Mississippi.  It is just north of Biloxi.  Back in the late 50s, when we lived there, it was just a few houses, a general store and a meat market.Continue reading “Woolmarket: The Final Chapter”

Woolmarket: The School Year Begins

As that first summer in Woolmarket drew to a close, I was filled with apprehension about entering the second grade at Woolmarket Elementary School. Of course, being new to the area, I knew no one outside of my own family. Back in those days, school always began right around my birthday of September 6th. I was probably the only kid in Woolmarket who was filled with dread awaiting my birthday. I would turn 7 years old that first summer in 1958. A lot had happened that first summer. Some of it was good. Some was not so good. But, thanks to my mother, we endured.Continue reading “Woolmarket: The School Year Begins”

Woolmarket: The Monster Within

In previous installments of this series, I have hinted about my disdain for our father.  He was a disgusting and heartless individual.  He ridiculed and mocked his own children.  He was cruel, sadistic and a drunk.  Those were his good qualities.  His most dire quality was the fact he was a wife beater.  I can’t tell you how many times, as a little boy, I wanted to get my .410 shotgun and kill him.  But, he was not worthy of the heartache that would surely have come my way had I acted on that impulse.Continue reading “Woolmarket: The Monster Within”