Last Call – Part I

John Hanover was looking at his glass of bourbon and tonic as if it were the only thing in the world that mattered.  That probably was more truthful than John would have wanted to admit.  In fact, the entire year of 1985 had not been kind to John Hanover.Continue reading “Last Call – Part I”

Grandpa and the Fireflies – Part III

I was scared.  I was lost.  I was right back where I had started…at the dead 6-point buck.  I looked around and saw the pine trees that had been my friends.  Now, they appeared to be heartless and menacing enemies in the darkening sky above me.   I sat down on the maple tree that had killed the big buck.Continue reading “Grandpa and the Fireflies – Part III”

Grandpa And The Fireflies – Part I

It seems my grandpa knew everything about everything.  If you didn’t believe that, he would have certainly convinced you he was this all-knowing entity.  Grandpa was a bit of a braggart, a blowhard and just a boisterous man who lived life on the edge.Continue reading “Grandpa And The Fireflies – Part I”

Welcome to Stories In The Attic

My name is JD Weldy, author of the supernatural thriller, “Diary: Alone On Earth” available on Amazon practically everywhere else. I haven’t published any further stories in ebook format since that time back in 2011. My rationale on starting a new blog is to get reader feedback on some stories that I have written. But, for reasons I won’t go into, haven’t published. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. As for me, well, I am a retired federal employee who has had the writing itch for as long as I can remember. It is my escape from the real world with all it’s warts and problems. Writing can be like a drug that become an addiction. I lost my addiction for writing for a couple of years. But, now I’m back to try my hand at this lost art again. I am most assuredly an amateur and have no formal training whatsover. I just love to write. If you are an amateur like me or a professional, I”d love to hear from you. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me in email.

You will see a series of stories in the coming weeks and months that will be thought provoking, problematic in some ways and possibly heartbreaking. I want to reach for the clutches of the reader’s heart in one form or fashion. If I can do that, I can say I’m doing a good job. One of the stories, I actually found in my grandpa’s attic years after he had passed away. I’ll leave it to you, the reader, guess which one. All the rest are of my own creation.