Tough Times In Lincoln County – Part V

“Just how the hell you think you going home with your car not running? Or are you up to something that you trying to hide from us?” asked an increasingly suspicious James McDowell. Jacob Dinkins was now in trouble. Why hadn’t the Green Boys popped up out of the bushes? “Don’t matter none. I’M HEADINGContinue reading “Tough Times In Lincoln County – Part V”

Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part IV

Robert Compton was a name that filled the men in the barn with second thoughts of what they intended to do. Robert Compton was a good man, an honorable man that disappeared on his way to work. Everyone knew who was responsible for Robert Compton’s disappearance. However, few ever wanted to talk about it. TheyContinue reading “Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part IV”

Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part III

James McDowell was a despicable, ornery, mean, tough as nails man as you’ll ever meet.  Those are most likely his good traits.  He was also a thief and had been most of his 65 years of life in Lincoln County.  Jacob Dinkins knew taking out James McDowell was not going to be an easy feat. Continue reading “Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part III”

Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part II

As the Great Depressions continued to tighten it’s grip on the nation and especially in Lincoln County, Mississippi, the pressure on men to provide for their families increased.  In 1931, residents of Lincoln County were begging, pleading to their state government for help.  There was nothing forthcoming as state treasuries nationwide were depleted to theContinue reading “Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part II”

Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part I

In 1931, it was the heart of the Great Depression in Lincoln County, Mississippi.  Unemployment was at an all-time high of 16% in the USA and Congress had shown no inclination to pass legislation to help the nation recover. This economic downturn had no equal in the history of our nation.  In Lincoln County, MississippiContinue reading “Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part I”