Woolmarket: The School Year Begins

As that first summer in Woolmarket drew to a close, I was filled with apprehension about entering the second grade at Woolmarket Elementary School. Of course, being new to the area, I knew no one outside of my own family. Back in those days, school always began right around my birthday of September 6th. IContinue reading “Woolmarket: The School Year Begins”

Woolmarket: The Visit from Aunt Gladys

As the first summer in Woolmarket began to draw to a close, we received news in the form of a letter that we would be having a visitor from a faraway land. That far away land was a place called “California” (which might as well been the dark side of the moon as far asContinue reading “Woolmarket: The Visit from Aunt Gladys”

Woolmarket: The White Dog

During that first summer in Woolmarket, we found out what heat and humidity were all about. In the late fifties, air conditioning was a luxury few could afford, especially in rural Mississippi. In fact, I don’t believe even the supermarkets had air conditioning during this time. We didn’t even know what A/C was until weContinue reading “Woolmarket: The White Dog”

WoolMarket: The Bridge

As I said in the opening, there wasn’t a whole lot to do in the little stop in the road called Woolmarket, MS. As previously noted, they had a drag strip that we were never able to get inside up close (“too much money”). But, we were able to sneak around the gate and watchContinue reading “WoolMarket: The Bridge”