The Redemption of Thomas Gordon – Part V

Thomas had reached the very pinnacle of the West City Bridge .  His tears seemed to freeze before they had barely rolled out of his tear ducts.  It must be a wind chill factor of less than zero, Thomas thought.  He had climbed to the top of a rail about six feet from the outerContinue reading “The Redemption of Thomas Gordon – Part V”

The Redemption of Thomas Gordon – Part IV

Thomas tore open the tarp in one swift kick.  The tarp immediately started rolling down the sidewalk and into the street.  The wind had picked up overnight.  Jack must be suffering with hypothermia, Thomas thought.  “HELP! HELP! I NEED HELP HERE! MY FRIEND IS IN NEED OF HELP!”  -Thomas screamed, as he carried little JackContinue reading “The Redemption of Thomas Gordon – Part IV”

The Redemption Of Thomas Gordon – Part I

Thomas Gordon was having a tough day. Well, let’s just be honest, every day was a tough day for Thomas Gordon.  Being homeless is not just a day to day struggle.  It is an hour to hour, minute to minute struggle.  Fending off poachers who want to steal your meager belongings is a constant battleContinue reading “The Redemption Of Thomas Gordon – Part I”

He Was Just A Soldier – Part III

“Mike, why did you spend two tours each in both Iraq and Afghanistan?  Isn’t that unusual?” asked Gerald, the plastic host.  Mike just looked at him in amazement. What the hell kind of question is that? This is already getting off to a bad start, Mike sighed.  “Well…I might could answer that question as sayingContinue reading “He Was Just A Soldier – Part III”

The 1932 Twister In McComb

Back in 1980, I was a claims adjuster for a major insurance company. My job took me all over the southeast. Thusly, I was on the road quite often. Of course, being on the road so much, I eventually had problems. One such problem occurred on my way to a home in a little placeContinue reading “The 1932 Twister In McComb”