Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part I

In 1931, it was the heart of the Great Depression in Lincoln County, Mississippi.  Unemployment was at an all-time high of 16% in the USA and Congress had shown no inclination to pass legislation to help the nation recover. This economic downturn had no equal in the history of our nation.  In Lincoln County, MississippiContinue reading “Tough Times in Lincoln County – Part I”

He Was Just A Soldier – Part IV

After his interview, Mike Barnett was escorted out of the newsroom as quickly as possible.  It seemed the show’s producer wanted him out of the newsroom to keep Gerald from having a coronary.  Mike thought the interview wasn’t as bad as Gerald was making it out to be as he could hear him yelling aboutContinue reading “He Was Just A Soldier – Part IV”

Woolmarket: The School Year Begins

As that first summer in Woolmarket drew to a close, I was filled with apprehension about entering the second grade at Woolmarket Elementary School. Of course, being new to the area, I knew no one outside of my own family. Back in those days, school always began right around my birthday of September 6th. IContinue reading “Woolmarket: The School Year Begins”

WoolMarket: The Bridge

As I said in the opening, there wasn’t a whole lot to do in the little stop in the road called Woolmarket, MS. As previously noted, they had a drag strip that we were never able to get inside up close (“too much money”). But, we were able to sneak around the gate and watchContinue reading “WoolMarket: The Bridge”

Woolmarket: The Beginning

This is the start of a series I will do on Woolmarket, MS (I referred to it as “Bullmarket” in the “My Beagle, Mister” for reasons I won’t get into right now) just north of Biloxi which is now known for it’s casinos and gambling business. In my early childhood years (this was from 1957-1961),Continue reading “Woolmarket: The Beginning”